With experienced social media managers and strategists on our team, we will assist in growing an engaged audience of followers through valuable content. Together with you, we will define goals/objectives for the month ahead and conceptualise ways to achieve them through content and media targeting. Your content will be designed within a proposed look and feel while sticking to brand guidelines and industry trends at all times. The post captions will be written in an agreed tone with a goal to encourage engagement, likes and follows.


Your visual branding is the first thing a customer will see, and first impressions last the longest. We create brand identities that resonate with your vision and that help to evoke a feeling through colours, fonts, and placements. Your visual branding is the start of your brand story, it needs to encourage a customer to want to know more and it needs to be clearly showcased in all marketing activity to provide credibility and encourage conversions.


Using wordpress or shopify we will source a pre-designed template that will suit your needs or design a custom website for you. We will design a layout that is built to capture the attention of your customer, encourage them to stay engaged with your brand and make sure it is easy for them to convert, provide their details or get in touch with you.

Websites will be designed with best practice user experience guides in place as well as tracking codes for detailed reporting.


Running your business and doing what you are good at is your priority. Consider letting us manage your digital presence and ensure that all channels are performing optimally and working well to complement each other.

•  Content Creation
•  Community Management
•  Frontend website refresh
•  Mailer
•  Reporting
•  Strategic consultation


“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”
Tom Goodwin

While branding often get mistaken for simply the visual component of a business, at Knighted we view branding as much deeper. We want people to get a sense of a feeling, an experience and an association when encountering all touchpoints of a brand. While the visual identity is a major part of this, we believe in building the brand story before coming up with the visuals and marketing tactics.

View our coaching options to make sure your brand is built with a solid foundation, a clear selling point and a persuasive story.