Together with our clients inspiration to build an authentic wellness brand (functioning as both a physical and on-line store), we sort to create a full Brand CI and a meaningful digital presence.

Cancure is a brand established on holistic practice and health focused on healing the body from the inside out, utilizing natural remedies.

Create a Brand which encapsulates the essence of holistic wellness and implement an effective strategy which will bring about real engagement on digital platforms to promote both in-store and online sales.

Holistic health at its core celebrates and draws attention to a practice which is focused on mind, body and soul. This boutique health store is not just about the products being sold, but it is about the purpose behind them and their regenerative attributes.

It was vital that Cancure had a social media presence to build and engage with an audience. A social media feed was created with curated content, all content was based around wellness and living a holistic life. To keep things authentic a friendly encouraging tone was developed and implemented through copy to reinforce that we are all on our own wellness journey. A large focus was drawn to well-being, giving real advice on wellness products and providing the audience with knowledge to improve their mind, body and soul.

Growing a niche and relevant audience can be challenging, Knighted sort to build this audience by partnering influencers such as a local Johannesburg wellness influencer known as @jozigirleats on Instagram.

@jozigirleats partnered with us to create engaging wellness content, shedding light on the amazing offerings Cancure has and speaking first-hand about the brilliant health assessment services that are on offer. Further an offer was run on Instagram, where customers could receive 10% off a blood analysis and body scan.

Increase of relevant followers who are interested in wellness and health as well as an increase in store visits and health assessment bookings. This partnership created real brand awareness.

Further the aim with Cancure’s feed is to provide and create content that is relatable, shareable and ends up being advice which those interested in health seek out. The aim is to build a real authentic brand through continued social interaction on platforms, this is what acts as a constant reminder to consumers that should they need any advice, products or perhaps are wanting to focus on health, the first thing they think of is Cancure. A brand that through these interactions they feel holds the essence of their wellness journey and who they trust. In turn creating a personified brand which becomes more of a trusted friend they feel has the most valuable advice.

It means whenever they are in the area, they will pay a visit to Cancure. And further when the web shop option is up and running it means Cancure is already on their minds and the first they will think of. This also allows Cancures’ reach to go beyond the localised space of a suburb in JHB to the entire country. Which will result in an increase in both profit and further awareness.

Next on the agenda was to create an online shop to showcase Cancure’s products and allow the brand to live nationwide instead of just restricting trade to the local Greenside area.

We launched the website with a 10% OFF sitewide offer and a limited range of products yet we managed to receive over 10k worth of online purchases in the first two weeks.

“Whatever you are doing is definitely working, please don’t change anything.” – Pierre Van Mossevelde

Client Cancure


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