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We are looking for someone who will wear many hats in our business but most importantly someone that wants to learn, has ambition and can be relied on.

We are a small team that trust each other implicitly, that treat each other like family and who always have each other’s backs.

Everyone is rewarded for hard work and is given the opportunity to work from home, at their own hours.

Knighted is a bespoke branding agency and we take huge pride in what we do, we are growing at a rapid pace and it is now time to expand the team. BUT not just anyone will do, this unicorn will be required to do the below:

  • Social Media management and reporting:
    Ideally this person is active on social media themselves and loves the space, no
    repost, tag, trend or comments should ever go un-noticed.
  • Media Management:
    This person should have run sponsored campaigns before and have an idea as to
    how to optomise and manage campaigns.
  • Account Management:
    This person will need to chat to clients directly, run things if necessary and project
    manage when needed.
  •  A general strategic way of thinking to challenge the team and bring big ideas to the
    table is a bonus.

If you would like to learn what it takes to run a small business as well as increase your knowledge in the field of branding and implementation, you could be our unicorn.

Please send your CV to
Salary is negotiable depending on experience.

With love, your fellow unicorns!